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Down syndrome research untangles therapeutic possibilities for Alzheimer’s

More than five million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Of them, 400,000 also have Down syndrome. Both groups have similar looking brains with higher levels of the protein beta amyloid. In fact, patients with Down syndrome develop the abnormal protein at twice the rate. Results of a pilot study, published in the September [...]

Trouble spot in brain linked to learning difficulties in Down syndrome identified

New brain research has mapped a key trouble spot likely to contribute to intellectual disability in Down syndrome. In a paper published in Nature Neuroscience [3 Aug], scientists from the University of Bristol and UCL suggest the findings could be used to inform future therapies which normalise the function of disrupted brain networks in the [...]

Thick cortex could be key in Down syndrome

The thickness of the brain’s cerebral cortex could be a key to unlocking answers about intellectual development in youth with Down Syndrome. It could also provide new insights to why individuals with this genetic neurodevelopmental disorder are highly susceptible to early onset Alzheimer’s Disease later in life. New brain-imaging research published in the journal Cerebral [...]

Brain imaging changes in individuals with Down’s may help advance Alzheimer’s trials

Researchers have characterized three different brain imaging changes in individuals with Down syndrome, who are at very high risk for development of Alzheimer’s disease, even before the onset of progressive memory and thinking problems. Their findings could help set the stage to evaluate promising treatments to slow down or prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s symptoms [...]

UH team works to help patients with Down syndrome see better

New computer-simulated prescribing strategies for glasses may improve the vision of individuals with Down syndrome, thanks to a team of University of Houston College of Optometry (UHCO) researchers who received a $1.67 million grant from the National Eye Institute (NEI). More than 400,000 individuals in the U.S. have Down syndrome. This genetic condition presents challenges [...]