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Parents’ country of origin influences risk of stillbirth

Parents’ country of origin influences the risk of their baby being stillborn in Canada, a new study has found. The risk is highest when both parents migrated to Canada from the same country of origin, especially from a country with a high rate of stillbirths, said Dr. Joel Ray, a physician at St. Michael’s Hospital [...]

Risk of overdose or death from codeine prescriptions lower for immigrants than for people born in Canada

Immigrants are at lower risk of an overdose or death after being prescribed codeine than people born in Canada, a new study has found. Surprisingly, this is true even when the immigrants lack proficiency in English or French, which might be thought to hamper their ability to read prescription labels or instructions, said lead author [...]

Birthweight influenced by father’s ethnic background

Previous research by Dr. Joel Ray of St. Michael’s Hospital has shown that a mother’s ethnic background can influence birthweights, and his team’s new study shows the same is true for a father. Dr. Ray, a physician and researcher at the hospital’s Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, has studied birthweights among different ethnic groups because [...]

Immigrant Women In Ontario Bear Bigger Babies Than The Norm In Their Native Countries

Women who immigrate to Ontario have babies who are bigger than those born in their native countries, new research has shown. But the babies of immigrant mothers from East and South Asia are still smaller than babies born to mothers who were themselves born in Canada. The typical male born to an immigrant mother in [...]

Study Finds Babies Born To Mothers From The Philippines Significantly Smaller Than Those Of Canadian-Born Women

Babies born in Ontario to mothers from the Philippines have significantly lower birth weights than those whose mothers were born in Canada or elsewhere in East Asia and are twice as likely to be classified as small for their gestational age, a new study has found. The classification is often incorrect, researchers say, because the [...]