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Excess Stress Hormones Found In Obese Men After Eating

Overweight and obese men secrete greater amounts of stress hormones after eating, which may make them more susceptible to disease, a new observational study finds. The results were presented at The Endocrine Society’s 95th Annual Meeting in San Francisco. Excess weight and obesity are a global health problem, and medical researchers are seeking different approaches [...]

Free Smartphone App Aids Weight Loss

Their study is the first to evaluate a smartphone app as the sole method for monitoring weight loss, with researchers creating My Meal Mate to trial against similar products for monitoring food intake, an online food diary and the traditional paper version. The My Meal Mate app allows users to monitor their food intake and [...]

Effect Of Taking Smaller Bites Outweighs Tendency To Eat More When Distracted

Smaller bites reduce food intake even during distracted eating Eating while distracted generally makes people eat more without being aware of it, but reducing bite sizes may be able to counter this effect, according to new research published January 23 in the open access journal PLOS ONE by Dieuwerke Bolhuis and colleagues from Wageningen University, [...]

Gender Differences In How Sleep Duration Affects Hunger

A new study suggests that increasing the amount of sleep that adults get could lead to reduced food intake, but the hormonal process differs between men and women. “Restricting sleep in healthy, normal weight participants has limited effects on metabolic risk factors and may affect food intake regulating hormones differently in men and women,” said [...]

Mouse Life Span Extended By Starvation Hormone Without The Need For Calorie Restriction

A study by UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers finds that a starvation hormone markedly extends life span in mice without the need for calorie restriction. “Restricting food intake has been shown to extend lifespan in several different kinds of animals. In our study, we found transgenic mice that produced more of the hormone fibroblast growth [...]