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Larger-sized portions, packages and tableware lead to higher consumption of food and drink, Cochrane review finds

A new review has produced the most conclusive evidence to date that people consume more food or non-alcoholic drinks when offered larger sized portions or when they use larger items of tableware. The research, carried out by the University of Cambridge and published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, suggests that eliminating larger-sized portions [...]

Food is community

University of Iowa study finds local food movement rooted in relationships and values According to a new University of Iowa study, people are shopping farmers markets and joining food coops at record numbers because they enjoy knowing who grows their food. These so-called ‘locavores’ are also driven to eat locally grown produce and meat because [...]

Dine with a light eater if you want to consume less

How much food your dining companion eats can have a big influence on how much you consume, a UNSW Australia-led study concludes. This psychological effect, known as social modelling, leads people to eat less than they normally would if alone when their companion consumes a small amount of food. Study lead author, Associate Professor Lenny [...]

Amazonian study quantifies key role of grandparents in family nutrition

Anyone who has ever loved a grandmother or grandfather knows the nurturing role that grandparents can play. A study of indigenous people in Amazonia, who survive on food they hunt, forage or cultivate, quantifies the evolutionary benefit of that role. The results show that grandparents contribute a biologically significant amount of food calories to their [...]

Fluorescing food dyes as probes to improve food quality

Scientists test the possibility that the consistency of artificially colored foods such as yogurt could be measured simply by shining a light on them Food dyes like these give food bright colors, and could also potentially act as embedded sensors for food consistency in products such as yogurt. Credit:Maria Corradini/Rutgers __SOURCEFROM__ Abstract Title: FOOD COLORS [...]