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Short, intense exercise bursts can reduce heart risk to teens

Adolescents who perform just 8 to 10 minutes of high-intensity interval exercise 3 times a week could be significantly reducing their risk of developing heart conditions, new research has concluded Adolescents who perform just eight to ten minutes of high-intensity interval exercise three times a week could be significantly reducing their risk of developing heart [...]

International classification of functioning, disability and health benefits neurorehab research and patient care

Guidelines and limitations reported in NeuroRehabilitation Use of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) has increased significantly over the last decade. The current issue of NeuroRehabilitation features a series of insightful articles that provide examples of how the ICF can be successfully implemented in clinical practice and research related to neurorehabilitation, ultimately [...]

Health benefits from exercise following bariatric surgery

Researchers discover that moderate exercise following bariatric surgery reduces specific metabolic risk factors associated with type 2 diabetes. The findings suggest that moderate exercise may provide additional benefits to health beyond weight loss. Exercise after weight loss surgery decreases risk of type 2 diabetes. Credit: NYUL__SOURCEFROM__ The study was performed in collaboration with the Division [...]

New superfoods could help key protein keep bodies healthy

A new generation of new superfoods that tackle heart disease and diabetes could be developed following research into a protein that helps keep cells in our bodies healthy. Researchers at the University of Warwick found that the protein, called Nrf2, continually moves in and out of the nuclei of human cells to sense the cell’s [...]

The health benefits of working during depressive illness

Attending work while suffering a depressive illness could help employees better manage their depression more than taking a sickness absence from work, a new study has found. The collaborative study between the University Of Melbourne and the Menzies Research Institute at the University of Tasmania is the first to estimate the long-term costs and health [...]