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New Medicaid health care program for disabled adults improves aspects of patients’ care

UF Health researchers have found that care linked to heart attacks and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, among disabled adults covered by Medicaid has improved with the expansion of a new health care program in Texas over the last decade. This approach to health care delivery is growing in popularity across the country, with [...]

Vaccination rates in older adults fall short of targets

New white paper from Alliance for Aging Research offers recommendations for improvement The nonprofit Alliance for Aging Research released a white paper, Our Best Shot: Expanding Prevention through Vaccination in Older Adults, that provides a comprehensive overview of the factors that drive vaccination underutilization in seniors and offers recommendations on how industry, government, and health [...]

New IOM report: Wait times for health care services differ greatly throughout US

Tremendous variability in wait times for health care appointments exists throughout the U.S., ranging from same day service to several months, says a new report from the Institute of Medicine. However, there is currently an opportunity to develop “systems-based approaches” — similar to systems-based engineering approaches applied successfully in industries beyond health care — that [...]

More women are reaching 100 but centenarian men are healthier

New research conducted by a team at King’s College London has found an increasing trend in the number of people in the UK reaching age 100 over the past two decades. The study also found that, whilst women were far more likely to reach 100 than men, males tended to be healthier and had fewer [...]

Study suggests separate 8-day and 30-day benchmarks would better show impacts of acute and chronic illnesses

A new study from researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) suggests that risk factors for readmission change significantly over the course of the 30 days following hospital discharge. Thirty-day hospital readmission rates have become a federal quality metric intended to reflect inpatient quality of care and unnecessary health care utilization. Published in the [...]