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Protein identified that favors neuroprotective glial cell formation from stem cells

An international team of researchers has shown that NFIX, a protein that regulates neuronal stem cell activity (NSC), also has a role in driving NSC differentiation toward oligodendrocytes, a type of glial cell. These cells produce the myelin that surrounds and protects neurons. Evidence supporting this mechanism in mice and its potential in the development [...]

Positive topline results announced from brincidofovir pivotal study in animal model for smallpox

Chimerix, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company developing novel, oral antivirals in areas of high unmet medical need, today announced that its investigational antiviral brincidofovir showed a survival benefit in a pivotal study of an animal model for smallpox. Chimerix is developing brincidofovir as a medical countermeasure against smallpox, for which there is no antiviral agent currently [...]

High-throughput approach to select subpopulations of multipotent cells for regenerative medicine

Rapid, large-scale screening to characterize the different subpopulations of multipotent cells that can be derived from fat tissue is an effective strategy to identify and select for specific cell types that would be advantageous for particular therapeutic applications in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. The use of flow cytometry to determine the expression of a [...]

New techniques improve specificity of CRISPR/CAS9 genome editing tools

To overcome the off-target mutations that commonly occur with CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing methods, researchers at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital have developed two strategies that greatly improve the specificity of RNA-guided nucleases for the DNA region targeted to be cut and repaired. A description of these new techniques and their successful use to [...]

Adolescents are not shy about discussing marijuana use on Twitter

More than 65% of the marijuana-related messages posted by adolescents on Twitter indicate a positive attitude toward marijuana use, and of the teens’ original tweets evaluated as part of a recent study, nearly 43% suggest personal use of the drug. Sharing these positive perceptions and acceptance of marijuana use on social media contributes to normalization [...]