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Leading medical experts call for an end to UK postcode lottery for liver disease treatment and detection

Leading medical experts today [Thursday 27 November] warn that rising numbers of deaths from liver disease – already the UK’s third commonest cause of premature death – will be unavoidable without radical improvements in treatment and detection services, and tougher government policies to control the excessive alcohol use and obesity responsible for much of the [...]

Alternate pathway for drug development to fight HIV

A collaborative team led by a Northeastern University professor may have altered the way we look at drug development for HIV by uncovering some unusual properties of a human protein called APOBEC3G (A3G). In an article published in Nature Chemistry, Prof. Mark Williams and his graduate student Kathy Chaurasiya, along with several collaborators, show how [...]

UK’s Largest Study Into The Quality Of Nursing Care To Be Launched

The University of Stirling is to lead the UK’s largest ever study into patient experience and the delivery of frontline health care. Improving Patient Experience of Care (IPEC) will involve around 6000 patients and almost 1000 nurses and other health professionals over a two year period. IPEC will draw on the collective expertise of academics [...]

Brain Development Should Be Taken Into Account When Criminal Law Involves Children

The legal system needs to take greater account of new discoveries in neuroscience that show how a difficult childhood can affect the development of a young person’s brain which can increase the risk of adolescent crimes, according to researchers. The research will be presented as part of an Economic and Social Research Council seminar series [...]