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Cellphones seen as change agents for health among young, poor, urban women

Johns Hopkins study reveals potential of cellphone interventions among diverse inner city pregnant and postpartum women In a survey of a diverse group of almost 250 young, low-income, inner-city pregnant and postpartum women, Johns Hopkins researchers have learned that more than 90 percent use smartphones or regular cellphones to give and get information. In a [...]

Magnetic nanoparticles could be key to effective immunotherapy

In recent years, researchers have hotly pursued immunotherapy, a promising form of treatment that relies on harnessing and training the body’s own immune system to better fight cancer and infection. Now, results of a study led by Johns Hopkins investigators suggests that a device composed of a magnetic column paired with custom-made magnetic nanoparticles may [...]

Cellular sentinel prevents cell division when the right machinery is not in place

Machinery helps guide chromosomes during division For cell division to be successful, pairs of chromosomes have to line up just right before being swept into their new cells, like the opening of a theater curtain. They accomplish this feat in part thanks to structures called centrioles that provide an anchor for the curtain’s ropes. Researchers [...]

Heart attack treatment hypothesis ‘busted’

Basic research seriously challenges a long-standing hope that blocking calcium from entering energy-making mitochondria inside heart cells could prevent heart attack damage Researchers have long had reason to hope that blocking the flow of calcium into the mitochondria of heart and brain cells could be one way to prevent damage caused by heart attacks and [...]

Experimental drug combined with standard chemo may shrink ovarian cancers

Working in cell cultures and mice, researchers at Johns Hopkins have found that an experimental drug called fostamatinib combined with the chemotherapy drug paclitaxel may overcome ovarian cancer cells’ resistance to paclitaxel. Scientists elsewhere are already testing fostamatinib in people with lymphoma and idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura, an autoimmune disorder. Based on results of the current [...]