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Study links gene to aggressive form of brain cancer

Scientists have identified a gene mutation linked to the development of an aggressive form of brain cancer. Researchers found that errors in a gene known as TCF12 – which plays a key role in the formation of the embryonic brain are associated with more aggressive forms of a disease called anaplastic oligodendroglioma. The new research [...]

Plymouth University researchers in first ever UK brain tumor workshop

In an exciting step forward to finding a cure for brain tumours, which kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer, the national charity Brain Tumour Research brought together a group of leading brain tumour scientists and clinicians to help accelerate vital research into this devastating disease. A dozen [...]

Childhood central nervous system cancer affects identity in adulthood

Patients who have been treated for cancer of the central nervous system (brain tumours) in childhood or adolescence can show affected self-perception and self-identity in adulthood. This is concluded in a recent study from Karolinska Institutet in Sweden which is being published in the scientific journal Neuro-Oncology. Undesirable persistent late-effects affect a considerable number of [...]

Potential to predict when breast cancers will spread to the brain

Scientists have found a pattern of genetic ‘switches’ – chemical marks that turn genes on or off – that are linked to breast cancer’s spread to the brain, according to research presented at the National Cancer Research Institute Cancer Conference in Liverpool. The researchers, based at the University of Wolverhampton, studied 24 breast cancers that [...]

Improved understanding of glioma may lead to more efficient and specific therapies

Glioma is a common name for serious brain tumours. Different types of glioma are usually diagnosed as separate diseases and have been considered to arise from different cell types in the brain. Now researchers at Uppsala University, together with American colleagues, have shown that one and the same cell of origin can give rise to [...]