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Information Governance & eDiscovery for Healthcare?, April 28-30, 2014, Santa Monica, CA

The healthcare industry is highly regulated, involves many moving parts and ultimately has an impact on people’s health and well-being. IQPC’s Information Governance and eDiscovery for Healthcare is designed to bring together the legal, compliance, privacy, HIM and IT professionals that need to work together to govern the masses of information healthcare organizations create and use.??True [...]

Medicare Chronic Care: A Payer/Provider Complete Guide To Improving Care & Cutting Costs, 5-7 August 2013, Garden Grove, CA

With over 200 attendees at the launch event, the Collaborative Care Summit has established itself as one of the premier Medical Management conferences. The 2013 program will continue to provide the “next generation” medical management tactics that Health Plans, Hospitals and Physician Group’s require in the current economic climate. As the chronically ill make up [...]

Outsourcing In Clinical Trials Southern California, 24-25 September 2013, La Jolla, CA

As a result of numerous requests to bring this series to the region, September 2013 will see the launch of a specifically tailored event catering to this life science hub.
With an agenda covering topics relevant to pharma, biotech, virtual and medical device companies, this event offers a unique opportunity to tailor your visit and take [...]

Large Health Gaps Found Among Black, Latino, And White Fifth-graders

Substantial racial and ethnic disparities were found for a broad set of harmful health-related issues in a new study of 5th graders from various regions of the U.S. conducted by Boston Children’s Hospital and a consortium of research institutions. Black and Latino children were more likely than white children to report everything from witnessing violence [...]

Seeking A Cure For Type 1 Diabetes: A New Marker For Identifying Precursors To Insulin-Producing Cells In Pancreas

For the millions of people worldwide with type 1 diabetes who cannot produce sufficient insulin, the potential to transplant insulin-producing cells could offer hope for a long-term cure. The discovery of a marker to help identify and isolate stem cells that can develop into insulin-producing cells in the pancreas would be a critical step forward [...]