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Canadian Researchers answer important scientific debate about genetic variants connected to heart disease

Researchers from the University of Ottawa Heart Institute (UOHI), together with the teams of Dr. Martin Farrell at Oxford University, and Dr. Sekar Kathiresan at the Broad Institute, have found the answer to an ongoing debate in the cardiovascular scientific world. Dr. Ruth McPherson and Dr. Majid Nikpay, researchers at the UOHI’s Ruddy Canadian Cardiovascular [...]

Oxford starts on biggest ever genetic recruitment project

A project to unravel the genetic changes underlying rare disease and cancers of more than 1,200 patients and their families who are looked after by Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust (OUHT) has started. The project will aid research, improve diagnosis and ultimately clinical outcomes so NHS patients can receive care based on cutting edge scientific [...]

Virus-carrying mosquitoes are more widespread than ever, and spreading

Scientists behind the first global distribution maps of two species of dengue and chikungunya-carrying mosquitoes warn they are spreading to new areas where they could cause disease. The population of the tiger mosquito, which is known to carry dengue and chikungunya, has rapidly expanded in parts of the US, Southern Europe and China over the [...]

How best to test Ebola treatment

An unconventional clinical trial design might have advantages over classical trials for testing treatments for Ebola virus disease (EVD), suggests a study published this week in PLOS Medicine. The work of an international team led by John Whitehead of Lancaster University, UK and Ben Cooper of Oxford University, UK, provides much-needed data to inform a [...]

First trial results show GSK/NIH Ebola candidate vaccine has acceptable safety profile

GSK/NIH Ebola vaccine is well tolerated and generates an immune response GSK/NIH Ebola vaccine is well tolerated and generates an immune response Larger trials in West Africa are needed to tell whether immune responses are large enough to protect against Ebola infection and disease Results from Oxford and other safety trials will inform plans for [...]