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Drugs behave as predicted in computer model of key protein, enabling cancer drug discovery

New model allows pharmacological researchers to dock nearly any drug and see how it behaves in P-glycoprotein, a protein in the cell associated with failure of chemotherapy Drugs important in the battle against cancer responded the way they do in real life and behaved according to predictions when tested in a computer-generated model of one [...]

Protein plays unexpected role in embryonic stem cells

A protein long believed to only guard the nucleus also regulates gene expression and stem cell development Scientists discovered that a protein called Nup153 (green) control how embryonic stem cells (blue) develop. When Salk scientists deleted Nup153 (left), the cells were free to rapidly begin to turn into the precursors of neurons (marked in red), [...]

The killer protein, properly explained

Most complete review of the peptide behind Alzheimer’s just published This is a 3-D simulation of an amyloid-beta protein. Credit: SISSA __SOURCEFROM__ International School of Advanced Studies (SISSA)

Structure of genetic messenger molecules reveals key role in diseases

3-D structure of messenger molecules determine their stability and efficiency inside cells Messenger RNAs (mRNA) are linear molecules that contain instructions for producing the proteins that keep living cells functioning. A new study by UCL researchers has shown how the three-dimensional structures of mRNAs determine their stability and efficiency inside cells. This new knowledge could [...]

New insight into a fragile protein linked to cancer and autism

In recent years, scientists have found a surprising connection between some people with autism and certain cancer patients: They have mutations in the same gene, one that codes for a protein critical for normal cellular health. Now scientists have reported in the ACS journal Biochemistry that the defects reduce the activity and stability of the [...]