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The final word on STAP – Researchers fail to replicate STAP study; computational analysis reveals genomic inconsistency

Tremendous controversy erupted in early 2014 when two papers published in Nature described how a technique called “stimulus-triggered acquisition of pluripotency,” or STAP, could quickly and efficiently turn ordinary cells into pluripotent stem cells, that is, stem cells capable of developing into all the tissues in the body. The simplicity of the approach–subjecting the cells [...]

Spheroid stem cell production sows hope for IPF treatment

In a small pilot study, researchers from North Carolina State University have demonstrated a rapid, simple way to generate large numbers of lung stem cells for use in disease treatment. This method of harvesting and growing a patient’s own lung stem cells shows promise in mice for treating idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), and could one [...]

Researchers develop a method for controlling gene activation

The researchers at the University of Helsinki, Finland, have developed a new method which enables the activation of genes in a cell without changing the genome. Applications of the method include directing the differentiation of stem cells. The method was developed by researchers Diego Balboa and Jere Weltner, who are working on their doctoral dissertations [...]

A CNIO team finds the way to generate potentially safer stem cells in the laboratory

This project represents a major step forward in the possible therapeutic use of stem cells DNA damage (red) in cells submitted to replicative stress, similar to those observed during cell reprogramming. Credit: CNIO

TiGenix announces Cx601 meets primary endpoint in pivotal Phase III trial

TiGenix NV, an advanced biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercialising novel therapeutics from its proprietary platforms of allogeneic expanded stem cells, has announced that its lead compound Cx601 met the primary endpoint in the Phase III ADMIRE-CD trial in Crohn’s disease patients with complex perianal fistulas. Cx601 is a suspension of allogeneic expanded adipose-derived [...]