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Source of liver stem cells identified

Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) scientists have identified stem cells in the liver that give rise to functional liver cells. The work solves a long-standing mystery about the origin of new cells in the liver, which must constantly be replenished as cells die off, even in a healthy organ. In the image, stem cells are [...]

NYSCF Global Stem Cell Array (TM) brings precision medicine one step closer to the clinic

NYSCF’S high-throughput robotic platform gives researchers the technology to create thousands of patient-specific stem cells with less variability Scientists at The New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF) Research Institute successfully designed a revolutionary, high-throughput, robotic platform that automates and standardizes the process of transforming patient samples into stem cells. This unique platform, the NYSCF Global [...]

Singapore scientists discover a molecular cell cycle clock that controls stem cell potency

Findings on cell differentiation controls can advance understanding of stem cells Singapore scientists from A*STAR’s Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS) have, for the first time, found further evidence of how the differentiation of pluripotent cells is tied to and controlled by the cell cycle clock. This deeper understanding of how cells become differentiated is extremely [...]

Prostate ‘organoid’ hints at how early BPA exposure may increase cancer risk

A first-of-its kind prostate ‘organoid’ grown from human embryonic stem cells has enabled researchers to show that exposure to bisphenol A, a chemical in many plastics, can cause overproduction of prostate stem cells in the developing organ — and thus may increase men’s risk of prostate cancer. The research, by andrologists at the University of [...]

Opening the door to the cause of myeloid leukemia: Finding the targets of common mutation

Researchers at the University of Birmingham have made a breakthrough in understanding how mutated genes in leukaemia reprogram blood stem cells and send them spiralling out of control. The findings help to explain the early development of leukaemia, representing the essential first step to developing new treatments for patients based on these findings. A study, [...]