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Hormone and bone tests may be indicative of dialysis patients’ heart health

Inexpensive tests could help prevent cardiovascular problems and early death Highlights High parathyroid hormone levels and subsequent bone loss are major risk factors for worsening of coronary artery calcification in patients on dialysis. Bone loss may be a sign of poor heart health in patients on dialysis, according to a study appearing in an upcoming [...]

Osteoporosis patients may benefit from treatments targeting NOX4 activity

Bone is constantly being broken down and remodeled. Osteoporosis results when bone resorption outpaces bone regeneration. Production of reactive oxygen species, a form of oxidative stress, has been predicted to promote bone loss, but a source of reactive oxygen is unknown. In this issue of the Journal of Clinical Investigation, Katrin Schröder and colleagues at [...]

Probiotic Helps Male Mice Build Healthy Bones

In what could be an early step toward new treatments for people with osteoporosis, scientists at Michigan State University report that a natural probiotic supplement can help male mice produce healthier bones. Interestingly, the same can’t be said for female mice, the researchers report in the Journal of Cellular Physiology. “We know that inflammation in [...]

Artificial Bone Implants Make Light Work Of Fixing Broken Bones

Artificial bone, created using stem cells and a new lightweight plastic, could soon be used to heal shattered limbs. The use of bone stem cells combined with a degradable rigid material that inserts into broken bones and encourages real bone to re-grow has been developed at the Universities of Edinburgh and Southampton. Researchers have developed [...]

Bone Loss Decreased In Postmenopausal Women With Increased Calcium Intake Following Community-Based Nutrition Education

At the International Osteoporosis Foundation’s Asia-Pacific Osteoporosis Meeting, researchers from the National Institute of Nutrition in Hanoi presented a new research study that showed the benefits of educational intervention in increasing calcium intake and retarding bone loss in postmenopausal women. Researchers carried out a controlled trial in the Red River Delta in Vietnam involving a [...]