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Heightened hospital weekend death risk common in several developed countries

The heightened risk of death after admission to hospital at the weekend – the so-called ‘weekend effect’ – is a feature of several developed countries’ healthcare systems, and not just a problem for hospitals in England, reveals research published online in BMJ Quality & Safety. The international nature of the findings suggests that this is [...]

Most Women With Heart Disease Can Go Through Pregnancy And Delivery Safely

Results from the world’s first registry of pregnancy and heart disease have shown that most women with heart disease can go through pregnancy and delivery safely, so long as they are adequately evaluated, counselled and receive high quality care. However, this is not always the case: women and babies in developing countries are more likely [...]

Disposables Could Help Defeat Hospital Acquired Infections

Growing concerns about hospital acquired infections (HAIs) are driving the demand for disposable needles and syringes, according to a new report by healthcare experts GBI Research. The new report* states that demand for disposable hospital supplies is growing across the world, as they reduce risks of cross-contamination. The globally swelling diabetes population, and increasing numbers [...]