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Brain compass keeps flies on course, even in the dark

If you walk into a dark room, you can still find your way to the light switch. That’s because your brain keeps track of landmarks and the direction in which you are moving. Fruit flies also boast an internal compass that works when the lights go out, scientists at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Janelia [...]

Dartmouth study shows brain area involved in eye movements, heading

An area of the brain involved in eye movements also plays an important role in establishing our direction and navigating our environment, a Dartmouth College study finds. The study appears in The Journal of Neuroscience. The researchers studied a brain area called the nucleus prepositus that has long been thought to be involved in eye [...]

How The Brain Perceives Direction And Location

The Who asked “who are you?” but Dartmouth neurobiologist Jeffrey Taube asks “where are you?” and “where are you going?” Taube is not asking philosophical or theological questions. Rather, he is investigating nerve cells in the brain that function in establishing one’s location and direction. Taube, a professor in the Department of Psychological and Brain [...]