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Shift focus from calorie counting to nutritional value of foods for heart health, say experts

Clinicians have failed to act for far too long. but human and economic toll make this unaffordable, they argue It’s time to stop counting the calories, and instead start promoting the nutritional value of foods if we are to rapidly cut illness and death from cardiovascular disease and curb the rising tide of obesity, say [...]

Diabetes drug modulates cholesterol levels

The DZD-researchers at Helmholtz Zentrum München and German Diabetes Center Düsseldorf analyzed more than 1.800 blood samples of participants, who joined the German large-scale study KORA*. Using a comprehensive approach, the scientists investigated metabolic products (metabolites) as well as genetics of these participants. They found that the administration of Metformin** in patients suffering from Type [...]

Targeting the early-teens for extra exercise could cut diabetes risk

A study has found that physical activity provides the greatest benefits to adolescent insulin resistance – a risk factor for type 2 diabetes – when the condition peaks at age 13, but provides no benefit to it at age 16. The findings, published today, could help design more effective interventions for children by targeting the [...]

People with type 2 diabetes do indeed benefit from blood glucose self-monitoring: study

People with type 2 diabetes can lower their blood sugar and benefit from following a structured, personalized self-monitoring blood glucose (SMBG) schedule even if they don’t require insulin, suggest data being presentedat AADE15, the American Association of Diabetes Educators Annual Meeting & Exhibition. The new research suggests working with a diabetes educator to create an [...]

An imbalance of cellular bioenergetics in pancreatic beta-cells links to type 2 diabetes

The demonstration of a cellular systems-level dysfunction of energy metabolism suggests that a shift towards systems-level approaches is needed to fight the disease The illustration shows individual pancreatic beta-cells from a patient with type 2 diabetes and a patient without the disease. Cells were visualized by artificially coloring their fluorescence image according to the deficit [...]