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Genkyotex’s GKT137831 found to reverse fibrosis and improve survival in a model of persistent lung fibrosis

Genkyotex, the leading developer of selective NOX enzyme inhibitors, has announced the publication of data showing that GKT137831, a first in class NOX1 and 4 inhibitor, was able to reverse lung fibrosis associated with aging in a new model of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Collaborators led by Professor Victor Thannickal at the University of Alabama at [...]

Scientists Discover A New Type Of Anti-Inflammatory Drug That Also Works Against Arthritis And Related Conditions

Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have discovered the first selective inhibitors of an important set of enzymes. The new inhibitors, and chemical probes based on them, can now be used to study the functions of enzymes known as diacylglycerol lipases (DAGL), their products, and the pathways they regulate. Early tests in mouse macrophages [...]

A Better Understanding Of Rhomboid Proteases May Lead To New Therapies For Malaria And Other Parasitic Diseases

Johns Hopkins scientists have decoded for the first time the “stability blueprint” of an enzyme that resides in a cell’s membrane, mapping which parts of the enzyme are important for its shape and function. These studies, published in advance online in Structure and in Nature Chemical Biology, could eventually lead to the development of drugs [...]