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Penn researchers report long-term leukemia remissions in first personalized cell therapy trial

Eight of 14 patients in the first trial of the University of Pennsylvania’s personalized cellular therapy for chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) responded to the therapy, with some complete remissions continuing past four and a half years. These results, published in Science Translational Medicine, represent the most mature data from clinical trials of an approach known [...]

Penn study finds link between physician training and brand name prescribing

Internal medicine residents are twice as likely to prescribe most expensive statins when senior physicians do Physicians in training are twice as likely to order a costly brand-name statin (used to lower blood cholesterol levels) when supervised by senior physicians who prefer those medications in their own practice, according to a new study led by [...]

Disrupting cells’ ‘powerhouses’ can lead to tumor growth, Penn study finds

Cancer cells defy the rules by which normal cells abide. They can divide without cease, invade distant tissues and consume glucose at abnormal rates. Now a study by University of Pennsylvania researchers implicates defects in mitochondria, the energy-production centers of cells, as playing a key role in the transition from normal to cancerous. When the [...]

Affordable Care Act results in dramatic drop in out-of-pocket prices for prescription contraceptives

Annual savings estimated at approximately $1.4 billion per year for birth control pills Average out-of-pocket spending for oral contraceptive pills and the intrauterine device (IUD), the two most common forms of contraception for women, has decreased significantly since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) took effect. Using a prescription claims database from a large national insurer, [...]

Blacklegged tick populations have expanded via migration, Penn biologists show

Lyme disease cases are on the rise, with diagnoses occurring in areas that were historically Lyme-free. Scientists attribute the spread to the fact that populations of blacklegged ticks, which carry the bacteria that causes the disease, now flourish in areas once thought to be devoid of ticks. Blacklegged ticks have expanded to new areas of [...]