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Target Meeting’s 2nd World Genetics & Genomics Online Conference Held On May 21-23, 2013: Join For Free

A Free Virtual Genetics & Genomics Conference at Targetmeeting.com featuring 50 live presentations (12 sessions) from academic and industry experts around the world. Computer and internet connection are required. Do not need any special equipment or software. All the attendees just connect to the ’s server to participate in real time with their distinguished counterparts from across the globe. They can participate from their home or office depending on their convenience, which will save them the trouble of traveling and in utilizing their time optimally. Furthermore, attendees can earn the free Certificates of Attendance. It is a great opportunity to learn about recent advances in the field of genetics and genomics without travel and money cost.

Major Sessions Include

  • Plant genomics & genetics
  • Cancer genomics
  • Molecular genetics
  • General genomics
  • Genome stability & DNA repair
  • Clinical genetics
  • General genomics
  • Microarray
  • And many more…

Researchers, medical professionals, and other related people can enjoy many benefits by participating in the 2nd World Genetics & Genomics Online Conference. They can know, learn and follow up on major developments taking place in the areas of interest. You can have the rare privilege of meeting the best international speakers and world-renowned researchers in real time. You can have that much-needed opportunity of networking and exchanging views with the target audience directly.

Participants get a worldwide platform to express their opinions and ideas. With their experience and expertise, they can build a solid reputation and create a tremendous and lasting impact on the community. The 2nd World Genetics & Genomics Online Conference can create new opportunities for the leading life science professionals and can help them establish new associations with fellow researchers.

According to , all presentations and discussions happen in real time. Importantly, they save the participants the hassle of travel; help them use their valuable time effectively and save money. Participants can ask questions, discuss problems, and exchange their ideas on the online platform. The conference presents them the ultimate opportunity to discuss their proposals and initiatives with global experts, something that perhaps would not have been possible using other methods of communication or correspondence.

Target Meeting is a leading online life science conference organizer. Thousands of international speakers and ten thousands of attendees participated in the online symposiums and conferences at Target Meeting. With the persistent efforts, Target Meeting has achieved a well-respected reputation among the attendees and within life science communities, based on the quality of organizers, speakers and scientific programs, as well as excellent attendee experience. They have a solid record of having created outstanding opportunities for scientists and clinicians to share their latest research and in inspiring breakthrough ideas. The conferences are a great way to establish and maintain professional relationships with the best brains in medical science.

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Source: Target Meeting