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Ten building blocks of high-performing primary care

Researchers posit a consisting of 10 they assert are the essential elements of high-performing primary care.

The building blocks include four

  • engaged leadership
  • data-driven improvement
  • empanelment
  • and team-based care

These assist the implementation of the other six building blocks –

  • patient-team partnership
  • population management
  • continuity of care
  • prompt access to care
  • comprehensiveness and care coordination
  • and a template of the future

The model is based on the authors’ experiences studying exemplar primary care practices and assisting practices to become more patient-centered.

While the building blocks focus on design elements largely under the control of the practice organization, the authors note that external reforms are needed to support the building blocks – principally a reformed payment model. They hope the building blocks can help practices in their journey toward becoming high-performing patient-centered medical homes.

The 10 Building Blocks of High-Performing Primary Care

By Thomas Bodenheimer, MD, et al University of California, San Francisco


Annals of Family Medicine: March/April 2014

American Academy of Family Physicians