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The liver and brain communicate in order to regulate appetite

Mice eat less when their stores are high.

“We have to find treatments to increase hepatic glucose because of its positive effect in diabetes and ,” says Joan Guinovart, head of the study published in Diabetes.

[Sample from mouse liver]
ample from mouse liver. A high glycogen content (pink) suppresses appetite and improves the and obesity.
Credit: Image: I López-Soldado, IRB Barcelona


This study has been funded by the and by the (CIBERDEM), a network to which the lab headed by Joan Guinovart – also senior professor at the University of Barcelona – belongs.

Liver glycogen reduces food intake and attenuates obesity in a high-fat diet-fed mouse model

Iliana López-Soldado, , Jordi Duran, Anna Adrover, Joaquim Calbó, Joan J. Guinovart

Diabetes. 2014 Oct 2. doi:10.2337/db14-0728

Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona)