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The most effective health messages

Is it better to tell people about the harms of certain decisions or about the benefits of positive related decisions? Studies that delve into this very question have differing results, however, a new paper just published by & Brand Lab in Nutrition Reviews, finds that the type of health messaging that is most effective might vary depending on certain characteristics of the target audience.

Which Health Messages Work?
‘Evoking fear may seem like a good way to get your message across but this study shows that, in fact, the opposite is true — telling the public that a behavior will help them be healthier and happier is actually more effective,’ says lead author , PhD director of the .
Credit: Daniel Miller


When do gain-framed health messages work better than fear appeals?

Brian Wansink, Lizzy Pope DOI: 10.1093/nutrit/nuu010 4-11 First published online: 18 December 2014

Cornell Food & Brand Lab