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The Next Generation Of Trial Design Innovation, 15-16 November 2012, Philadelphia, PA

Conference organizer ExL Pharma is proud to bring of Innovation to the Loew’s Hotel in , PA on November 15-16, 2012. The mission is to bring to light the current status of the use of Innovations in practice, share enhancements used for protecting trial integrity including the role of , and examine the effect that FDA Draft Guidance has had on industry.

With the industry determined to bring new drugs to market faster, despite the increasing complexity of clinical trials, there is a strong need to share current practices of adaptive trial design, as well as to protect trial integrity.

Currently the industry is buzzing with case studies, technological advances, simulations, books, lectures, webinars and other resources virtually everywhere on Adaptive Trial Design. During this interactive learning experience, attendees will learn from industry professionals together through the case studies, panels, and workshops. Because of the growing use of technology and simulations that are becoming available to the life science industry, Adaptive Trial Design is the main way to modify aspects of the study as it continues, without undermining the validity of the trial. 

The conference will focus on FDA Draft Guidance and the impact on the industry, as well as better technology to protect trial integrity. The conference will also look into strategies for successful implementation of adaptive designs in drug development and the effective implementation and management of adaptive trials from an operational perspective.

View the full agenda, get your questions answered, and join us onsite at The Next Generation of Trial Design. Please contact Meredith Becker directly at [email protected] or visit http://www.exlpharma.com/TrialDesign with any questions related to the event.


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