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The Solution To Your Gross-To-Net Problems, 17-18 June 2013, Boston, MA

IIR’s will be here before you know it – seats are already filling up!

Since its introduction, the buzz for this event has been building more and more each week, with positive feedback from our growing attendee list. We’re very pleased to be able to bring you the focused content through in-depth , to answer questions such as:

Do I have the ability to ensure my Gross-to-Net are accurate? With so many moving parts, it is difficult to guarantee GTN will be 100% accurate. However, in the session, “A Comprehensive Overview of Budgeting, Planning, Accounting and Financial Controls,” Novartis will show how one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers have streamlined and perfected their process.

Does my company manage its commercial and government contracts as efficiently as possible? Commercial and can’t run as completely separate functions when it comes to the overall GTN calculation for a company. Two case studies will touch upon this very delicate balancing act: “Account for the Government Pricing and Contracting Impact on Gross-to-Net Calculations” and “Commercial Contracts and GTN for Managed Care.”

Am I able to facilitate inter-departmental collaboration for a comprehensive approach to my calculations?

Communication is key, and this event is the only event to ensure interactivity among all the attendees and bring together all the different departments that are key to success in the sessions, “Benchmark Your Gross-to-Net Processes, Systems & Methodologies: Top 10 GTN Hot Topics, and “How Big Pharma is Managing GTN Processes.”

To see a full description of the sessions above and who will be at the Gross-to-Net Accounting Forum, download the brochure.

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Gross-to-Net Accounting Forum
June 17-18, 2013
Hyatt Harbor Side
Boston, MA


Institute for International Research