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Theraclion announces study showing long-term effectiveness and safety of Echopulse in the non-invasive treatment of breast fibroadenoma

THERACLION, a company specialized in leading-edge medical equipment for echotherapy, has announced the results published end January, 2015 in the on the long-term assessment of following treatment with Echopulse.

This multicenter study on fifty-one breast fibroadenoma was performed in four centers in Bulgaria and in France (Roussanka Kovatcheva MD – , and Marc Abehsera MD – American Hospital of Paris, Loic Boulanger MD – , and and Edouard Poncelet MD – Regional Hospital of Valenciennes).

Forty-two patients with fifty-one fibroadenoma were assessed before the echotherapy treatment performed with Echopulse and after the end of follow-up period.

The article published in the Journal of Therapeutic Ultrasound demonstrated consistent results confirmed at one year. The patients treated with Echopulse showed:

  • that the breast fibroadenoma volume was significantly reduced by 59.2% (mean) 6 months after the procedure (p<0.001) and by 72.5% (p<0.001) at the 12-month follow-up,
  • a continuous improvement of discomfort in daily activities as well as of the pain related to the breast fibroadenoma during follow up until total disappearance,
  • excellent cosmetic results without scar formation or breast volume loss,
  • excellent tolerance with minor transient complications which resolved spontaneously.

In terms of safety, no serious side effects related to the procedure were reported, in line with the acute observations.

Roussanka Kovatcheva MD and Principal Investigator, comments in her article: “We have shown the clinical outcome and safety of US-guided HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) by Theraclion Echopulse in patients with breast FA. Our results demonstrated that the method is effective in reducing the volume and clinical symptoms of FA without serious side effects. US-guided HIFU is a non-invasive alternative to surgery.”

Marc Abehsera MD, Radiologist at the American Hospital of Paris and Investigator, says: “The presented results are extremely encouraging and confirm the Echopulse system’s capabilities could be an effective alternative to surgery for breast fibroadenoma.”

Michel Nuta MD, Theraclion Chief Medical Officer, concludes: “The results of this international multicenter trial confirm the efficacy, the durability and the degree of persistence of echotherapy in breast fibroadenoma. While we continue to foster clinical investigation, we believe that echotherapy will be the future standard of care.”


Ultrasound-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound treatment of breast fibroadenoma-a multicenter experience, Roussanka Kovatcheva, Jean-Noël Guglielmina, Marc Abehsera, Loïc Boulanger, Nicolas Laurent and Edouard Poncelet, Journal Therapeutic Ultrasound, doi:10.1186/s40349-014-0022-3, published 22 January 2015.

Source: Theraclion