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Transcription Factors Identified That Regulate Retinal Vascularization

The retina is a highly vascularized tissue, but too much or too little can lead to visual impairment and diseases such as familial exudative vitreoretinopathy or .

In this issue of the , and colleagues at Tuebingen University in Tuebingen, Germany, identified the DNA transcription factor and its cofactors MRTF-A and MRTF-B as critical regulators of vascularization in the postnatal mouse eye.

Loss of vascular Srf in adult mice led to the formation of microaneurysms and excess blood vessel formation similar to human such as retinal angiomatous proliferation and macular telangiectasia.

These studies demonstrate that SRF plays an integral role in the development and homeostasis or the retinal vasculature and suggest that SRF could potentially serve as a therapeutic target in human retinal diseases.

TITLE: Endothelial SRF/MRTF ablation causes vascular disease phenotypes in murine retinae



Journal of Clinical Investigation