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Unique regulatory T cell population identified in human skin

() dampen the immune response against self antigens and contribute to the prevention of autoimmunity.

A skin-specific population of Tregs (mTreg) has been described in mice that has properties similar to .

In mice, some mTregs are maintained in the skin for long periods of time and suppress cutaneous autoimmunity.

In this issue of the , Michael Rosenblum and colleagues at the University of California San Francisco analyzed the mTreg population in , and found that human mTregs have unique features and localize to hair follicles.

mTregs isolated from human skin did not appear to recognize the same antigens as memory T cells isolated from blood.

In healthy skin, mTregs were relatively static; however, this population was greatly expanded in skin from psoriasis patients, suggesting that these cells are dysfunctional in inflamed skin.

TITLE: Memory regulatory T cells reside in human skin


Journal of Clinical Investigation