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USC neurogeneticists harness immune cells to clear Alzheimer’s-associated plaques

New research identifies promising therapeutic target for treating Alzheimer’s disease

Innate Immunity Fights Against Alzheimer's
This is a 3-D reconstruction of an immune cell (red) containing ?-amyloid (blue) within an intracellular degradation compartment (yellow). Deletion of the anti-inflammatory cytokine, Il10, activates to clear the brain of toxic ?-amyloid plaques.
Credit:, Ph.D.


co-authors include Marie-Victoire Guillot-Sestier, , David Gate, , Jr., and . The study was supported in part by the National Institutes of Health (1F31NS083339-01A1, 5R00AG029726-04, 3R00AG029726-04S1, 1R01NS076794-01), American Federation of Aging Research/Ellis Medical Foundation and Zilkha Neurogenetic Institute.

University of Southern California – Health Sciences