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Viruses Prompt Oncogenic Transformation By Genetically Altering Infected Cells As Seen In Hepatitis B

Several recent studies have demonstrated that viruses alter the of microRNAs, non-coding RNA molecules that can block the of target genes.

In this issue of the , and colleagues at the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology report that miR-148a is repressed by (HBV) X protein (HBx) to promote growth and metastasis of .

In normal liver cells, miR-148a represses the expression of the oncogenic protein HPIP, but the virus prevents expression of miR-148a, leading to increased levels of HPIP and subsequent oncogenic transformation.

This study demonstrates that a cancer-associated virus promotes carcinogenesis through direct manipulation of a microRNA.

TITLE: Hepatitis B virus X protein represses miRNA-148a to enhance tumorigenesis



Journal of Clinical Investigation