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Why Be Medicinewise? Ask Your Doctor The Right Questions

MedicineWise is highlighting the importance of asking your doctor the right questions about your medicines and .

GP and clinical adviser at NPS MedicineWise, , says that being an active partner in your own health care is the best way to get medicinewise and make the most of your visit to the doctor.

“Asking your will help you get better results from your medicines, avoid , understand the risks and benefits of medical tests, and enjoy better health – which is something we all want,” says .

“Of course, if you don’t have a GP or a medical practice you visit regularly – a GP home where you and your medical history are well known – it may be more difficult to ask the right questions about your health, your medicines and medical tests.

“Being prepared and talking openly with your health professional is so important. Make sure you tell your doctor if you have any concerns, about your treatment options and their risks and benefits. It’s also important to discuss any side effects or problems you’re having with the medicines you are taking.”

To help people prepare for a visit to the doctor, NPS MedicineWise has produced an easy-to-use online tool that allows you to create personalised questions to ask your doctor.

Suggested questions cover the brand name and active ingredient of any prescribed medicines; how to take the medicine; expected benefits of taking the medicine; possible side effects; and whether there are any other treatment options available.

The online tool also includes specific questions about medical scans and X-rays as well as illnesses like respiratory tract infections including colds. It also allows people to include their own questions about specific health concerns and space to write down notes during their appointment.

Dr Boyden suggests printing the questions generated by the tool and taking them along when you visit your doctor.

“Preparing your medicinewise questions in advance and taking them along to your appointment will help you to remember what you wanted to ask and to get the information you need.

“It’s also important to remember some of the answers might also be available from other reliable medicine sources such as the consumer medicine information (CMI) leaflet for your medicine that your doctor or pharmacist can print off for you or you can download from the NPS MedicineWise website.

The question-building tool is available free on the NPS MedicineWise website


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