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WIRED Health, 24th April 2015, London

WIRED Health is a showcase to explore the future of healthcare, presenting the most promising and exciting technologies set to revolutionise and improve our lives.

Extraordinary innovators will lead the conference programme to introduce, explain and predict the coming trends facing the medical and personal .

From diagnostics and neuroscience, to data-driven healthcare and new material sciences the event includes 20 industry-leading main stage speakers, plus an exciting selection of startups and growth-stage companies all working in the fields of , software and services. Passionate about the future of health innovation?

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Gadi Amit, founder of NewDealDesign and the designer behind some of Silicon Valley’s most exciting projects, who will discuss how sensors should act when they meet the body
  • Eleanor A Maguire, professor of at UCL where she researches memory, studying how the brain allows us to find our way around and to remember our experiences along the way
  • Brad Perkins, at Human Longevity Inc, the company founded by , Peter Diamandis and Robert Hariri to fight age-related diseases
  • Cognitive neuroscientist Adam Gazzaley, founding director of the Neuroscience Imaging Center and professor of neurology, physiology and psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco, who will explain how video games are the future of medicine and education
  • Jen Hyatt, CEO of Big White Wall and a social entrepreneur using technology to transform mental healthcare
  • Clive G Brown, CTO of , a UK company that invented a DNA sequencer the size of a USB stick, who will speak on how their invention will enable an “internet of living things”
  • Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, Royal Society university research fellow and professor of cognitive neuroscience at UCL, who will speak about how brains develop during adolescence
  • Jack Kreindler, high-altitude medic and health- and future-technology evangelist who will present a special session curated by the Singularity University/Exponential Medicine. One speaker within this session will be:
  • Marty Kohn, chief medical scientist at Sentrian, which is creating predictive analytic systems that integrate home monitoring with other health data. Kohn was formerly the chief medical scientist at IBM Research, overseeing the use of the Watson supercomputer in healthcare
  • Matteo Lai, cofounder and CEO of Empatica, a human data analytics company based in Milan and Boston.  Empatica recently launched Embrace, the first medical-grade wearable for people with epilepsy and autism
  • Sophie de Oliveira Barata, a prosthetics artist creating gadget limbs for amputees, and the founder of the Alternative Limb Project
  • Lama Nachman, principal engineer at Intel Labs, and leader of the Anticipatory Computing Lab. She will speak about a three-year project to keep famous physicist Stephen Hawking communicating
  • Nigel Ackland, who describes himself as “an ordinary man with an extraordinary arm”, and will speak about the experiences of living with a bionic prosthetic
  • Sonia Trigueros, co-director of the Oxford Martin Programme on Nanotechnology, who is using nanotech to develop a cancer vaccine
  • Marc Koska, the British inventor of the iconic K1 auto-disable syringe whose mission is to make the use of auto-disable syringes mandatory globally
  • John Cryan, a neuroscientist studying how the gut influences stress and behaviour

Additional names will be announced over the coming weeks.

Designed to introduce, explain and predict the coming trends facing the medical and personal health industries, WIRED HEALTH will once again gather insight from scientists, entrepreneurs and thought leaders crafting the future of health, and offer a tight focus on this sector.

WIRED HEALTH will be hosted once again at 30 Euston Square, home to the Royal College of General Practitioners, and will be a haven for disruptive thinking and innovation. 

As with the annual flagship events and the magazine’s other one-day summits, WIRED MONEY & WIRED RETAIL, WIRED HEALTH will bring together the most talented people, forward-thinking innovators and captivating thought leaders, both on stage and off.

Aimed at a high-level executive audience, attendees will enjoy the opportunity to network with like-minded, intellectually curious individuals from the sector including physicians, senior healthcare executives, innovators and investors, disrupters and incumbents.

There are a limited number of tickets available for WIRED HEALTH, at a price of £995*. For further information, or for registration, go to www.wired.co.uk/health15.

*A 10% discount is available to “early birds” until February 28, with subscribers receiving a 15% discount. A 50% discount is available for NHS or Government employees and for health sector startups. The special 10% discount code for MedicalNewsToday visitors is WHMEDNEWS10.



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