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Oxygen can impair cancer immunotherapy in mice

Researchers have identified a mechanism in mice by which anticancer immune responses are inhibited within the lungs, a common site of metastasis for many cancers. This mechanism involves oxygen inhibition of the anticancer activity of T cells. Inhibiting the oxygen-sensing capability of immune cells, either genetically or pharmacologically, prevented lung metastasis. This research was conducted [...]

Immune system infighting explains pancreatic cancer’s aggression

Internal conflict between cell types explains why the immune system struggles to recognize and attack pancreatic cancer. Curbing this infighting has the potential to make treatment more effective, according to a study led by researchers from NYU Langone Medical Center and its Perlmutter Cancer Center. The study, which published in Cell, describes how a powerful [...]

Pioneering Alzheimer’s prevention study starts enrolling high-risk older adults

Researchers from the Banner Alzheimer’s Institute (BAI) today announced they have begun enrolling the first participants in a multi-site study to determine whether two investigational anti-amyloid compounds – an active immunotherapy and an oral medication – can prevent or delay the emergence of symptoms of Alzheimer’s in people identified by genetic markers as being at [...]

Progress in vaccination against vespid venom

Especially in late summer, apprehension about wasp stings increases amongst allergy sufferers. So-called hyposensibilisation therapy can help, but it is linked to a heavy burden on patients and health insurers. Researchers at the Helmholtz Zentrum M√ľnchen and the Technical University Munich have now presented a method in the journal, Allergy, which facilitates a personalised procedure. [...]

Stem cell propagation fuels cancer risk in different organs

The idea that stem cells – special cells that divide to repair and generate tissues – might be the major determinant of cancer risk has provoked great debate in the scientific community. Some researchers maintain that environmental carcinogens are more important in defining cancer risk. Now researchers at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the [...]